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The Now Hear This! Fund and Advisory Council was established in 2008 with a goal to help those with hearing loss. Since that time, the Fund received generous donations which have been committed for the creation of a Patient Resource Room, in the name of Jamie Stuart, as well as the support of children as young as 6 months of age who require Early Intervention hearing therapy. In partnership with the Children of Peace School of the Arch Diocese of Chicago, these children and their parents will be able to access therapy services at their school site, adjacent the UIC Audiology clinic. Due to the difficulty experienced by some families to coordinate medical and therapeutic care, this initiative aims to ensure that necessary developmental therapy is provided to families in need. By providing transportation services, and a goal to support tuition for on going specialized education support, the Now Hear This Fund and Advisory Council aims to improve the lives of those with hearing loss.

About Hearing
Impaired hearing can cause significant developmental and integration problems for children and young people, as well as drastically reduce the quality of life of individuals experiencing hearing loss at later stages in life.

These consequences often include withdrawal from social, family and work arenas, with related increases in rates of depression.  Currently, some 31 million Americans have hearing loss; with the Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement, this number is expected to double by the year 2030.

The Now Hear This! Fund, through partnerships with the University of Illinois Divisions of Audiology and Otology,  hopes to help these patients.

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